A new Windows 11 build is on track for this week

Windows 11 Build Calendar

Look who’s back! The Windows development team is usually on the money when it comes to releasing a new preview build of the operating system for testing every week, there are occasional hiccups.

Hiccups in the sense that the team sometimes slips up on its regularly scheduled cadence.

Users enrolled in the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider preview program receive a new Windows 11 build on Wednesday. But even if the company does not manage to get a new flight out that day, there is a good chance that a preview build makes its way out on Friday, in time for the weekend.

Sometimes, though, for reasons beyond control, quality issues erupt, which means that the software titan is in no position to release a new build.

This was the case, unfortunately, last week, where Redmond was unable to ship one out:

As the company noted:

The Windows developers could not prepare a viable flight candidate for this past week, but they are confident that they will be able to do so this week. A new build is now expected in the coming days, likely on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed that it is a good one that justifies the additional wait.

Insiders have been eagerly waiting for Microsoft to release a Windows 11 preview build with all of the recently announced features like support for tabbed UI for File Explorer and custom third-party widgets. Most of these new capabilities have either been announced or leaked by the usual suspects.

Let’s see what this wait brings!