Acer boards the Microsoft Pluton security chip train

Security Chip

Another Redmond partner has come on board with the company’s newest security chip. This time it is Acer, who together with AMD, has launched its new hardware housing the Microsoft Pluton technology.

Those of you who are unaware of what Pluton is, Microsoft has all the details here.

It is essentially a chip designed to give a little bit extra peace of mind when it comes to security. It is created to tackle modern security threats that continue to evolve.

The hardware solution makes it possible to enjoy chip-to-cloud updates via Windows Update. And, in cases where you misplace your PC or someone steals it, an AMD CPU and Pluton being on the same silicon die makes physical attacks on the hardware substantially more complex and costly.

Watertight security, that be.

Seeing that this is a new technology right now, not many hardware vendors support Pluton. Previously, only the new AMD powered ThinkPad Z13 and Z16 from Lenovo baked this technology in, though Pluton was disabled by default on these machines.

But these new launches have fortified security by enabling Pluton from the get go.

The TravelMate P4 and the TravelMate Spin P4 are powered by the AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 Series mobile processors with Pro technologies. And as stated, the two new devices can significantly raise the ability to withstand sophisticated physical attacks.

Devices that have the Pluton TPM 2.0 offer all the same features provided by other TPMs, but they benefit from the CPU integrated security, as well as chip-to-cloud updates. Not to mention, the additional TPM based features that are validated on Windows 11.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 powered ThinkPad X13s is the only other device with the Pluton chip, so it is good to see this new Microsoft security solutions starting to pick up some steam.

You can gather the necessary details on these new devices at the link above.