Android 12.1 now rocks the Windows Subsystem for Android

Android 12

A big feature update for the Windows Subsystem for Android has been rolled out, the feature in Windows 11 responsible for running Android based apps on the OS.

And the most notable change in this new release is the move to Android 12.1, to go with a redesigned Settings application, improved input, and an even better integration with Windows.

We’ll get to the details below, but first a look at the version you are looking for.

The latest version is Windows Subsystem for Android 2204.4000.15.0, which is now available in the Microsoft Store on computers that are enrolled in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program. Meaning, this release is still in testing.

As for the changes it brings, we first and foremost have the update to Android 12.1.

While this is a welcome change, Microsoft warns that this update may cause some apps to fail to launch.

Next most important change is the redesign of the Settings app for the WSA in a huge way from the ground up. You now have clearer settings groups, grouped navigation, and an overall cleaner user experience.

Windows Subsystem for Android Settings

Microsoft has also made improvements to Android apps integration with Windows in this update. Taskbar icons now show which apps are currently using microphone, location, and other system services in the system tray.

Android toasts are now also reflected as Windows notifications and the window title of an Android app now reflects the Android activity title. In addition, Android apps are not restarted when your device comes out of connected standby, but instead will pick up where you left off.

There are also improvements to camera in Android apps, with camera orientation now fixed to natural orientation and issues with incorrect camera previews fixed.

Same goes for improvements for input devices, with enhanced scroll wheel support, fixes for onscreen keyboard focus, and fixes for the Android software keyboard displaying incorrectly.

There are a few other changes in this newest update, the details of which you can gather from the announcement post linked above. There are also a handful of known issues plaguing this latest preview version of Windows Subsystem for Android that warrant your attention.