Antivirus software causing BSODs on Windows 11

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Who watches the watchmen? BSODs are one the most annoying software and system errors on a PC. And though they are not as common as they were back in the Windows XP days, they still creep up every now and then.

Like now.

There is news that antivirus software is causing those dreaded Blue Screens of Death on Windows 11.

The culprit is the latest cumulative update that Microsoft released for the OS, which is behind these distressing errors. And it has all got to do with bad drivers that are breaking down these antivirus programs.

Security company Sophos has done some digging and is here with the lowdown, saying that some of these affected drivers were used by these antivirus products. This is why some devices running its products could end up hitting a BSOD.

Sophos says:

“Customers on Windows 11 running Sophos Home may encounter a BSOD/Stop error after installing Windows Update KB5013943 and restarting their machines. The symptoms involve being unable to get to the desktop after restarting the computer/shutting down powering it back on post installation of Windows Update KB5013943. This includes a Stop Error Index Mismatch message (Blue Screen)”.

The firm has also released a fix after previously providing users with two different workarounds.

Of course, things go deep here.

You may recall that the most recent Patch Tuesday update cycle included KB5013943, a patch that has caused considerable trouble. As this update is not optional, many Windows 11 users are struggling with these random crashes.

Other antivirus software companies are yet to come forth with their fixes or solutions for these BSODs plaguing Windows 11 after installing this latest cumulative update. But now that Sophos is claiming to have discovered the root cause, others should release their own patches.

Fingers crossed that Microsoft also gets around to it soon.