At long last, Microsoft Teams comes to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Teams

After five years in the wilderness, one of the most popular apps to come from Redmond is finally available on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft Teams, at long last, has a place to call its own over there.

Microsoft Teams should have been available on the repository from the very beginning. But the software titan only recently promised that it will be hosting the application there. Since its introduction, the app has charted new heights, and is now one of the most used communications platforms.

The app is available on both Windows 11 and Windows 10, albeit with some rather puzzling differences.

Windows 10 users can get their hands on the Teams app without any surprises. The software titan says that Teams on Windows 10 works with work, school, and personal accounts, as it should without any issues.

However, things are a bit confusing with the Windows 11 variant of the app.

Downloading the program on this operating system will mean that the application will only cater to work and school accounts. That is because the OS already has a built-in Chat app that sits on the taskbar by default.

Long story short, no personal accounts for Teams on Windows 11.

Redmond, obviously, announced Teams all the way back in 2016, and released the service in 2017 after a failed attempt to buy Slack. Bundling it with existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions meant that Teams quickly became one of the most popular corporate software around.

Unfortunately, the pickup among end users is not that high — regular users stay away from Teams and prefer to use mainstream messaging alternatives.

This could potentially change after its arrival on the newly revamped Microsoft Store, in a move that will at the very least showcase and get the app more eyeballs.

You can get your hands on Teams straight from the Microsoft Store using the link below.

Download: Microsoft Teams