Audio sync bug may be why you are not getting Window 11 22H2

Houston, we have a problem! Microsoft has updated the official Windows Health Dashboard documentation with details regarding a new bug that users are encountering on a system with Window 11 22H2.

This, of course, being the latest version of the operating system that just launched.

According to Redmond, clips that are recorded using Xbox Game Bar might encounter audio sync issues, especially when using the Record last 30 seconds feature. The company considers this problem serious enough to issue an upgrade block.

Meaning, if you previously used the capture feature in Xbox Game Bar, Windows 11 2022 Update will not be available for you until the software titan provides a permanent fix.

Interestingly, the bug affects not just Xbox Game Bar, with Microsoft confirming that the video recording apps that make use of the same underlying Windows libraries and APIs may also be affected. In other words, this is a problem deep within the system, and not just the Game Bar.

Thankfully, the problem is not widespread, and only affects Windows 11 2022 Update, not the older versions and variants of the OS.

Those of you who are already using the latest Windows 11 release, however, can resolve the problem by downloading the optional KB5018496 cumulative update. It is in preview right now, and will arrive for all users later this month, which is when this upgrade block will be lifted.

And gamers will be able to breath a sigh of relief as they get their gaming systems updated to the most recent version.

Not that many of them are keen to hop onto the latest that Microsoft has to offer. Windows 11 is finding it a bit of a steep climb, convincing gamers that it is the best of the bunch.

Hopefully, the numbers next month make for a more pleasant read.