Bring the look of Windows 11 to Steam with this patch

Steam Windows 11 Skin

An unofficial patch, but what can you do? If you love the look of Windows 11, with its rounded corners and new icons, then you can already bring it to one of your most use applications.

Steam, the gaming platform, that is.

While software developers — Valve included, hopefully — are scrambling to update their UI elements to better align with the design philosophy of the upcoming operating system, the community is one step ahead of them when it comes to this.

Instead of waiting for Steam to match the design of Windows 11, developers have already cooked up an unofficial patch to give the gaming app a new look.

This brings the look that a lot of users are enjoying right now to Steam, illustrated below:

A Reddit user shared an image of the patch in action, which requires you to download the Metro for Steam skin and then swap some files around to achieve the new look. The skin itself has been around for a while now, upgrading the look of the gaming app to match the Metro design scheme.

The maker of the patch has a GitHub page up.

And to get started, you will need to download Metro for Steam 4.4 from the official website, as well as the Inter font from Google Fonts. Then follow the simple instructions and restart the Steam application when done.

There is even a community page up for this patch that you can glean for more details.