Buggier Windows 11 builds incoming, Microsoft warns

Frustrated Laptop User

Let’s get dangerous! Microsoft has fired off a warning that buggier Windows 11 builds are coming soon, and those testing the new operating system should be prepared for them.

Testing of the new OS has gone about as smooth as possible, thanks to a very streamlined approach the Redmond based company took. The major pieces of the Windows 11 puzzle are all in place and all we have been getting are updates on top of it.

That’s all due to the modular nature of the OS, which is why the build numbers of the preview versions have stayed the same.

It is also the reason why Windows 11, while still in beta, is quite stable for daily usage.

But that will soon change.

As noted, Microsoft sent an email to Dev channel users, highlighting the risks of sticking with this outer ring of the preview program and warning that the builds released in this channel would soon become less stable.

“Based on our data, you have a PC that is currently configured for flighting Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds in the Dev Channel. We will soon be flighting early development builds in the Dev channel. These builds may be less stable and won’t align with the version of Windows 11 expected to be available to the general public later this year.

If you would like to experience more reliable Windows 11 Insider Preview builds tied to the upcoming release, please move your device to the Beta Channel.”

Initially, Insiders will not see many noticeable changes or new features in the Dev channel, but things could get pretty rough on some devices.

Users are recommended to switch away from this channel if they are not ready for buggy builds or early implementations of upcoming features. The Windows team will be testing experimental and unannounced features in the days and weeks to come.