Chrome OS Flex now available for Windows and Mac

Chrome OS Flex

The new kid on the block! Back in February, Google announced its upcoming Chrome OS Flex, and made this new platform available to Early Access testers to take for a spin.

Testing now seems to be complete, as the new OS is now generally available for Windows and Mac.

So, what does this new platform bring, you ask?

Well, Chrome OS Flex is an enterprise grade platform based on CloudReady from Newerware meant for schools and organizations. It is very much similar in form and functionality to Chrome OS itself in that it is designed to be a lightweight cloud-based OS that is free to download.

Only, this one targets the two dominant operating platforms on the desktop, Windows and macOS, allowing anyone the ability to convert existing PCs and Macs to Chromebook.

Users on machines powered by these operating systems have the option to deploy Chrome OS Flex and use it on their devices. However, it does not offer the ability to run Android apps, which is something that is natively built into Windows 11.

Nevertheless, Google is hyping up its new platform and the unique capabilities that it brings to the table. Starting with the ability to quickly and easily install Flex via USB to replace your current operating system.

This is aptly illustrated in the image below:

Chrome OS Flex Installation

The company says that since this is a cloud-based OS, an option like this greatly reduces e-waste as it will lower the need for upgrading systems often. The new platform being lightweight also requires a 19% lower power draw compared to the competition.

And its cloud credentials also come in handy for security. Chrome OS Flex offers more flexibility in case of ransomware attacks.

Google has already released the system requirements for running Chrome OS Flex and has certified more than 400 devices for the new platform. In that aspect, this new operating system is very much up and running.

Speaking of up and running, the company offers a more detailed installation guide on its website that may come in handy if you want to take a dip.

It also confirms that those of you who are already on CloudReady will be automatically updated to the new Chrome OS Flex.