Designer app for Windows 11 leaks out


What on earth is this new thingamajig? Microsoft seems to be working on a new app for Windows 11 that goes by the mysterious little name of Designer. Yeah, just that. Designer.

The plot further thickens when you think that Redmond has used this term before to denote a product.

Let’s back up a bit.

This new leak come via prolific Microsoft leakster WalkingCat, who you may recall most recently shared the alleged RTM date for Windows 11 22H2. He has now shared multiple images of the preview version of this new app that Microsoft seems to be cooking.

Here are the screenshots that show this new app in action:

The leakster also detailed how one can access the feature on a dedicated site that the company has put up for those who wish to discover this themselves.

What we don’t quite have are clues to solve this mystery.

Microsoft has used the term Designer before when it introduced a feature dubbed this in PowerPoint all the way back in 2015. It was designed — pun always intended — to take presentations to the next level. And the company made the feature significantly better a year later with new options.

It is difficult to say at this time whether this is an upgraded version of this above feature, or whether the upcoming app is something else entirely.

Designer could even be an upgrade to another old Office application that goes by as Sway.

Or, and chances are high, it could be an in-house competitor to the popular design tool Canva that is also available on Windows. The Redmond based software giant could well be jumping into the graphic design game with its very own solution for casual users.

In either case, this is an exciting development as far as Windows 11 apps are concerned.

We may hear more about it soon.

Perhaps at BUILD?