Edge 102 breaks printing for some reason

Printer Error

Name a better duo than Windows and printer errors? How about Edge and printer errors? While the OS was embroiled in a lengthy printer problem not too long ago, the browser has now joined the party.

The latest version of the web browser, Edge 102 as it goes by as, was released as a stable version a day or two back. This new update surprisingly does not contain any notable new feature, with focus apparently on policies and bug fixes.

But apparently, problems while attempting to print are also thrown into the mix.

Several early adopters of version 102 of Microsoft Edge are complaining that they are facing some issue with printing in the browser after they updated to the latest release. In fact, printing any documents accessed via the latest stable version of Edge is no longer possible for many users.

It was believed that this pesky issue could be plaguing localized versions of Microsoft Edge, but further attempts to print though English and French versions indicates that the problem exists in all variants.

Entire networks with Edge 102 seem to be facing issues while printing documents:

Well, shucks!

Since it is not immediately clear what is causing the problem, no solution exits as of yet.

Some users who encountered this issue claim that downgrading Microsoft Edge to version 101 solves the issue, but this is not universally replicated. There are conflicting reports from users who tried to go back to the previous version of the browser.

Besides, downgrading the browser is not exactly a simple process, even if Edge installers are available from the Microsoft Edge business download site for all supported desktop platforms.

Incidentally, Google Chrome also reached version 102 a few days back, and there are no reported problems with it. Affected Edge users have no choice but to try printing their documents by access them in Chrome or any other web browser, for that matter.