Edge 92 rolling out with new Password Health dashboard

Microsoft Edge

Paramount security. Microsoft has begun rolling out Edge 92, the latest version of its web browser in the Stable channel. And this release comes with a welcome selection of new features.

Most of them focused on online security.

First up, we have the new password health dashboard that tells you at a glance if your saved passwords are strong enough or if they have been leaked online due to a breach. Edge 91 already had the ability to send alerts when passwords were found in a leak, but this tells you straight up if they are problematic.

Microsoft Edge version 92 also tries to make web browsing more secure by upgrading navigation from HTTP to HTTPS, on domains that support this more secure protocol.

This is Redmond catching up to Google, who already made Chrome 90 default to HTTPS for most typed navigation that do not specify a protocol. This should help secure users against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Speaking of users, they are going to appreciate the natural language search for browser history that is now available on Edge 92. This allows you to type things like “cake recipe from last week” and find pages you visited previously more easily.

And on the topic of ease, the latest version of Edge also offers users the option to sync their payment information across devices — a very welcome addition.

As is usually the case, this newest update to the web browser is rolling out to users gradually, and will install automatically on your PC. You can, however, manually check for updates by opening edge://setings/help.