Edge Dev gets a flag to enable Windows 11 design

Edge Dev Channel

After a brief hiatus, Microsoft is back in the business of releasing Edge Dev builds. The latest version released comes with a bunch of new features as well as a flag to enable new UI elements.

UI elements inspired by the Windows 11 design.

As we recently discovered, Edge is getting in on the Windows 11 action by packing in a refreshed UI for the upcoming operating system. You know, the usual, like rounded corners, smoother menus and all that.

The flag was spotted last week, and can actually be enabled both on Windows 10 and Windows 11. That said, the Mica element can only be viewed in the newer OS.

And if you download the build 93.0.946.1 that has landed in the Dev channel, you get access to all this, as well as a few other features of note. These include the ability to upload payment card information to a Microsoft account and sync it across devices.

Also new, is a new share menu with the email to myself option that was added to the web browser earlier this month.

For PWAs and websites that are installed as apps for the first time, there is a new dialog that prompts users to pin the app to the Start Menu or the Taskbar.

In addition, the title bar is now hidden by default when using vertical tabs.

Microsoft also notes the completion of the rollout of features like Quiet Notifications, adding Web Capture to Collections, and more. A bunch of new policy additions from Chrome seal the deal in this new released of the Edge web browser.

The update will slowly make its way to all devices, and will be downloaded in the background eventually.