Edge is the best browser for gamers, says Microsoft

Gamer Happy

Gamers rejoice! Microsoft has been busy adding new and exciting features to Edge, with the company clear on its intention on making the browser cater to any and all markets.

Some of these additions are better received than others, even as complains about bloat are on the up.

Nevertheless, the software titan continues to amp up the capabilities of Edge every which way possible. We recently learned that a whole bunch of gaming features were being added to the web browser, and just now, the company has turned on the switch.

As announced, these new gaming focused additions are now live for Edge.

For starters, Microsoft has added a new homepage dedicated to gaming that will include news, guides, livestreams, and highlights from tournaments, among other things. As expected, this is all integrated with Xbox, so signing in with your account will show you content related to your recently played games.

In fact, those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership will even be able to launch games directly in the browser.

This new homepage is accessible as a tab on Microsoft Edge.

And then we have the Clarity Boost feature, which is something that was unveiled all the way back in November 2021. It offers better and sharper image quality when streaming games, and comes in real handy for Xbox Cloud Gaming making use of client-size scaling to make the stream crisper.

Clarity Boost

A new configuration in the Efficiency Mode is also available that minimizes browser resource usage when playing PC games. It reverts back to normal levels as soon as you exit the game.

Finally, the company has also announced a gaming hub for casual titles in Edge. This Games Menu is baked right into the browser and provides instant access to classic lightweight titles from Microsoft like Jewel, Mahjong, Solitaire, and the exclusive Edge Surf game.

Redmond has been testing this hub since December 2021, and it now finally hits the Stable channel.

With all these new additions in place, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to announce that Edge is now the undisputed best browser for gamers. And it is tough to fault the company on this claim, when all these new features help solidify it.