Edge to get a calculator, unit converter, and a speed tester

Internet Speed

Edge OS, when? There are people who like their web browsers to be light, breezy, and free of any bloatware. And then there are folks who don’t mind loading up their browsers with everything.

Guess which camp Microsoft is in?

With the final retirement of Internet Explorer, Redmond can finally focus on Edge at peak velocity.

And while the browser continues to get better and better, there is a lot more the software titan has planned for it. This includes features that will be added to Edge in the short term and additions that will take form in the long term.

If you take a look at the newly updated Microsoft 365 roadmap, you will observe that the company has already started work on a few exciting new features for the browser the rollout of which should start very soon.

The list is made of what the company calls your favorite tools that come in handy when browsing the web, including a calculator, a unit converter, and an Internet speed test.

Edge, right now, is a browser that is full of various tools with varying levels of utility. Some are very useful, while others not so much. But it is clear that Redmond wants to keep on adding features like this, and is no mood to stop.

These new additions are on track to roll out in August, so we are mere months away when we will be able to put these new tools to good use. In fact, the Canary release of Edge, which is at version 105, already includes some of these upcoming features.

And while there are sure to be voices that bash Microsoft for bloating its browser with features and niche capabilities that not everyone needs, there will be users that would appreciate their arrival.

Particularly, those who are less tech savvy, as it would save them from downloading shady tools from the web when their browser already offers them natively.

What do you think about filling Edge up with tools like these? Sounds off in the comments below!