Firefox arrives in the Microsoft Store


The eagle has landed! Or, in this particular case, a fox. About a month back we got confirmation that Mozilla was busy bringing its Firefox web browser to the Microsoft Store.

This, after Redmond updated its digital storefront policies back in June to open it to more types of apps as well as web browsers that utilize their own engines. Opera and Yandex Browser were the first to make the most of its easy of restrictions, arriving in September.

And today, the most popular alternative browser has also made its presence known on the storefront.

Only Chrome remains now!

As expected, Mozilla is touting this launch as the first major web browser to make its way to the Microsoft Store. And, well, they are not wrong. Firefox is the only independent browser that uses its own engine, known as Gecko.

The rest of the world, including Edge, has gone all in on the Chromium technology. At least, most of the competitors that are available on the official store for the Windows operating system.

Speaking of the Windows operating system, Firefox is indeed available in the Microsoft Store for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This is interesting, because only the Windows 11 flavor of the store accepts all kind of apps regardless of their packaging.

This is the reason why Opera and Yandex Browser are currently only available for the newer OS.

But then again, this change is also due for arrival on the Microsoft Store available to Windows 10 users soon, with the software titan currently testing things out on the older OS.

As for having Firefox available right in the official repository for Windows, there are a number of advantages of downloading it from the Microsoft Sore. Easier and safer access being the two primary ones, as well as greater visibility of the browser itself.

You can download Firefox straight from the Microsoft Store via the link below.

Download: Mozilla Firefox