Fresh new Tips app here to introduce you to Windows 11

Old Woman Using Laptop

For those of blissfully unaware of the wonders of computing, or in other words those who don’t spend half their day staring at a computer screen, new software can be downright intimidating.


Stands to reason then that Microsoft is here with a helping hand.

To help new users get up to speed with the upcoming new OS, the company has refreshed the official Tips app that is designed to introduce the operating system in an educational and helpful way. In other words, to get you up and running.

Microsoft released the Insider preview build 22458 yesterday, and with it arrived this handy new application that has had a lot of work put into.

Windows 11 Tips App

As the software titan states, the goal was to offer a revamped experience that is loaded with fresh and useful new tips. Meaning, it is not simply a visual refresh that is carried from the Windows 10 operating system to match the latest version.

The words:

“We’ve updated the Tips app with 100+ new tips to help you get started on Windows 11 and learn new things—discover keyboard shortcuts, find ways to optimize your PC, dive into productivity tips for Office, power up your gaming on Windows, and much more! We’re able to fine-tune and add new tips at anytime as we hear feedback from you.”

In a pun that is too good to ignore, the Tips app itself is just the tip of the iceberg!

You will receive pointers simply traveling around Windows 11 and exploring its various facets, with helpful tips popping out right when you need them. Fingers crossed, there is an option to turn this off for those who are more comfortable using their devices.

Furthermore, Redmond says that you will find tips in 36 languages.

All bases covered, then!

The refreshed Tips app is currently rolling out to those in the Dev channel. Those of you who are enrolled in the Beta or Release Preview channels are going to have to wait a bit longer to get your hands in this shiny new application.