Google Chrome gets rounded corners to match Windows 11 style

Google Chrome

It was inevitable. While the current design language of the Google Chrome web browser emphasizes sharp edgers and corners for UI elements, the company is aware of the Windows 11 style.

Aware that this new rounded style is the future.

Which is why Google is working on enabling rounded corners in menus to align with the design language of the upcoming operating system. About time too, as several other software developers have already updated their user interface elements to align with the Windows 11 design philosophy.

First spotted by a Reddit user, a new patch to the Chromium Gerrit indicates that some configuration changes are being introduced to enable menus with rounded corners for the Chrome web browser in Windows 11.

A code snippet can be seen below:

Google Chrome Rounded Corners Code

Apparently, the code for this change has already been written, but has been commented out for now so that it is not merged with the Windows 11 menu feature flag.

Makes sense, as the operating system is not even out yet.

Based on the feedback from the comments in the code, it seems that the menu redesign will be available across all versions of Windows. Makes sense when you consider that Google would want to retain a similar look for its web browser on the platform.

For the record, Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 already sports rounded corners with acrylic effects, as part of its look for the new operating system. Firefox also rolled out rolled corners not too long ago for Windows users.