Internet Explorer will be disabled upon upgrade to Windows 11

Internet Explorer

How’s that for a run? Windows 11 will drop Internet Explorer, ending the almost 26-year run of the vintage web browser in the operating system. Edge is now where it’s at.

Windows 10 users that upgrade to the new OS will find that Internet Explorer will fully disappear from their systems upon deployment.

This does not mean that IE would immediately become extinct, as the browser will be supported by Microsoft until June 15, 2022. But this will only be applicable on Windows 10 and below versions of the operating system.

Internet Explorer was released in 1995, and this classic web browser has been a part of the Windows operating system from then until its final build. That being IE version 12, which said its goodbye in the latest Windows 10 update.

Redmond has kept this legacy piece of software for enterprise users and businesses that still have software that depends on Internet Explorer.

And while IE was never the most reliable web browser on the market during its lifetime, it certainly was one that popularized the use of internet and made the web available and accessible for everyone due to its inclusion in Windows.

Now, though, Microsoft Edge is the star of the show, as it has finally stepped out of the large shadow that Internet Explorer had cast on it.

Since switching to the Chromium engine, Edge has been met with good reviews, and is often hailed as the fast browser on the market. It is also one of the safest due to certain security measures in place, as well as an enhanced focus on privacy.

As for IE, this is finally the end of the road.