Is this the new Windows 11 Settings app?

Settings App

The leaked early build of Windows 11 offered us first looks at a number of new features that are expected to be part of the upcoming operating system. A number, but not all, of course.

One such addition that was not part of build 21996.1 was an updated look of the Settings app.

A screenshot has been floating around that is purported to be from an advanced — though not the finalized — build of Sun Valley. The development of this update is said to be at a far along stage, even if Microsoft has not shown anything publicly.

This is an update that is expected to bring a major graphic overhaul of the operating system, the likes of which the Windows platform has not seen for in years.

And this is the screenshot that provides a peak at the things to come:

Leaked Windows 11 Settings

The image shows a rearrangement of the Windows 11 Settings application.

There are a number of changes here, including a menu system that is similar to what Microsoft Edge offers today. The icons are also more colored compared to what we have on Windows 10. And though there is a bit of a mobile inspired feel to it, the overall result looks solid.

Goes without saying that this is a version that is still under development, and the end result could be very different to what this blurry little leaked image has to show.

The important thing to not here would be consistency.

Modern versions of Windows have come under intense criticism for the inconsistencies that exist across the board. And if this is the look Microsoft is going for with the Settings app, one can only hope that this is the look that is splattered across the rest of the operating system as well.

We’ll know soon enough.