Is this the shiny new Media Player for Windows 11?

Media Player Icon

Bring it on! Microsoft seems to have accidentally teased a new Media Player for Windows 11, before taking down the video that showed off the app in action.

The name of the application is about as generic as they come, which is good in this case. The application appears to be the replacement for the Movies & TV app that is part of the operating system currently, and has not been updated for an age.

In fact, Movies & TV last got a major update with the Windows 10 Creators Update, with some minor touchups in the Fall Creators Update for the operating system.

Getting back to Media Player, though, the new app was teased in a video that has since been made private.

The Windows Insider webcast provided us with this look at the upcoming app that is set to hit devices running the Windows 11 preview builds.

Catch a glimpse below:

Media Player App

Unlike the Movies & TV app, Media Player comes with a few new options that make media playback on Windows 11 devices a bit more streamlined. For starters, we have an application that makes use of the WinUI 2.6 interface elements that are now being used on most inbox apps in the new OS.

Secondly, we have the ability to change the track and shuffle the media playlist. Users will be able to navigate between videos in their library.

And feature integration with the Photos app will also help boost productivity of this new application.

It is very much possible that the Media Player name is simply a placeholder for the app, and Microsoft might retain the Movies & TV branding that is the current norm. But Redmond has recently changed the names of built-in Windows applications, and no better time to do so, once again, than now.

We’re likely to hear more about this soon.

That is, if this new Media Player app is destined to become a reality.