Latest Windows updates break WiFi hotspots

WiFi Signals

The newest Patch Tuesday updates for June 2022 were for the most part without any drama. They deployed correctly, fixed a wide array of issues, and marked the end of the line for Internet Explorer.

Well, for the most part.

That’s because, it appears that one problem has crept up.

Microsoft has updated the official Windows Health Dashboard with a new known issue in the operating system. This one has got to do with the latest cumulative updates that were released for the platform last week on June 14.

And according to the details provided, they cause problems with WiFi hotspots in Windows, with various versions of the OS said to be affected. Upon connecting to a hotspot, computers drop the connection to the Internet.

Worst feeling ever!

Various Windows client and server versions got hit with this bug, like Windows 11, 10, and even 7.

Currently, the only way to bypass this problem is to disable the WiFi hotspot and find another way to connect to the Internet. Which admittedly, is not much of a bypass at this point in time. We will have to wait for Microsoft to release a better workaround than just turning off this much needed feature.

Of course, another option is to roll back KB5014697, or not installing the botched update at all for the time being on your machines.