Leaked screenshots show how Android apps run on Windows 11

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Talk about a timely release! Windows 11 is now out in the open, and the new OS brings with it a bucketload of new features. Save for one very anticipated one.

That being the ability to run Android apps natively on the operating system.

It’s kind of a big deal actually!

Like many a good software features, this one required more time in the oven. Microsoft made the wise decision to delay its debut, promising that work on adding these capabilities in Windows 11 continues, and users will be able to run these mobile centric apps on their desktop computers soon.

And, in fact, things have been moving ahead in this direction.

We recently got wind that the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) had popped up on the newly refreshed Microsoft Store. This was a sign that development work on this feature continues like it should over at Redmond.

Now, we have our first screenshots of Android apps reportedly running on Windows 11.

Earlier today, these images leaked out in a land called China, showing purportedly two Android apps running on the OS. The leak allegedly comes via a Bilibili user named Makazeu, who is said to be a code porter for Microsoft.

The first image shows WeChat running in all its mobile glory, while the second image appears to be that of the Bilibili app for Android.

According to a post on the Chinese forum, Microsoft is actively testing the Android Subsystem, and the screenshots themselves provide us with a look at the rumored features. We have notification center integration and multiple window support for starters.

Users will be able to open pages of supported applications in multiple windows. Furthermore, these Android apps act like Windows apps, in how the OS gives users the ability to pin them to the Taskbar, resize their windows, and more.

Microsoft clearly is putting a big emphasis on multitasking and productivity for these Android apps.

Worth a mention that while company officials have only stated that this feature is coming soon, there is a chance that we might not see native support for Android apps until the release of Windows 11 22H2, which might mean an October 2022 availability of this welcome new addition.

Wait and see.