Microsoft again releases two builds in the Beta channel

Two Apples

Dual builds are back! A couple of weeks back, Microsoft began flighting two separate Windows 11 preview builds for Insiders on the Beta channel as a staggered release.

Well, the software titan is in that mood again.

It has released an update with new two new builds, namely build 22621.436 and build 22622.436.

As usual, these builds several improvements and bug fixes, including those for a Start Menu crash issue that has been plaguing certain users. Also included are a few new features that should be of interest to users enrolled in this outer channel.

You can check the full details in the announcement post.

Build 22622.436 is the more interesting of the two, as it comes with a couple of improvements to sharing features in the operating system. First of these is related to Nearby Sharing, and the second one is for sharing local files to OneDrive.

Build 22622.436 Sharing OneDrive

For the former, the discovery of devices under nearby share when sharing a local file from the desktop, File Explorer, Photos, Snipping Tool, Xbox, and other apps that use the built-in Windows share window has been enhanced by using UDP along with Bluetooth to discover nearby devices.

You will be able to discover and share to more devices including desktop PCs.

Build 22622.436 Nearby Share

And the latter addition is for when sharing a local file to the cloud, whereby a new option is now available that lets you choose OneDrive and share it further along with access control options for your chosen files.

All this can be done right from sharing local files in File Explorer without any context switches or opening up the OneDrive app.

There are a whole bunch of fixes in these build releases, which are offered for both builds. A single known issue has crept in as well, where the up arrow is misaligned in File Explorer tabs, which the company says will be fixed in a future update.