Microsoft drops clearest hint yet about Windows 11 RTM


20, not 19? We already know a lot about Windows 11, thanks to the preview builds of the OS that make their way out the Redmond offices. What does not, however, is an indication regarding launch.

Microsoft has only given us vague suggestions about the operating system being ready for the holiday season. And since then, some documentation has also surfaced showing that the company plans to accept driver updates from hardware manufacturers until the end of September.

An October launch, then makes sense.

This is what was alluded to earlier today, when a report claimed that the software titan is gearing up to talk about its launch plans. A suggestion was floated up that October 19 may be the big day.

And thanks to Microsoft sharing an image of Windows 11 with dark mode activated on its Twitter account, this has been repeated.

The attached image strengthens the belief that the release date of the new OS is now less than two months away. A small detail is of particular interest here, as the clock not only references Windows 11 with the 11:11 time, but the date also shows 10/20/21.

A certain hint that October 20 is the launch date of the operating system.

Windows 11 RTM Tease

All fun and games, of course, until Microsoft gives a firm release date. That may be set in stone with the decision makers at the company, but it might be a little while yet until we get an official confirmation from Redmond.

Besides, two months is not a long wait, anyway.