Microsoft Edge finds a home on the Windows 11 Store

Microsoft Edge

Just saying hello! If you are running Windows 11, you already have Microsoft Edge installed on your system. But thanks to a new listing in the Microsoft Store, you can also find the web browser there.

The apps repository is now amped up with support for new types of applications, including those built on development platforms like Win32, Java, and Electron. With the newly refreshed Microsoft Store now playing host to all kinds of applications, it only makes sense that Edge finds a home there.

And ahead of the official launch of the operating system, Redmond has started putting up first-party apps on the Store.

Earlier today, Windows Insiders started seeing the Edge web browser on the new Microsoft Store. All that is required is running a Windows 11 Insider preview build, and then a search for “Microsoft Edge Browser”.

Clicking the install button does nothing at the moment, but users have been able to download the browser through the Microsoft Store.

Interestingly, the app is published by “Microsoft Corporation II”, and the reason for this unique publisher name is unclear at the moment. It is the only application published under this name in the Microsoft Store.

Seems a bit strange seeing the Microsoft Edge browser in the Microsoft Store, since it already comes with Windows 11 and can’t be uninstalled.

But this is a hint that Redmond is trying to lead by example, and with extensions for the web browser going live recently, it only stands to reason that the web browser would too.