Microsoft Edge will soon let you pause extensions on some sites

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge continues to lead the charge when it comes to privacy and productivity focused features, and the web browser is all set to get another welcome new addition.

One that will give you control over extensions on the basis of specific websites.

By default, browsers like Edge and Chrome do not run extensions in Incognito mode. This is for privacy reasons, as extensions often request wide reaching permissions including access to data on websites. As they say, better be safe than sorry.

Well, Redmond seems to be exploring a similar approach for normal tabs in Edge.

Apparently, the company is developing an entirely new optional feature that will let users control which websites have access to extensions in the web browser. They will be able to restrict access to these addons on certain websites, thereby blocking them from reading data on the selected site.

Edge Extensions Paused

This will also come in handy in cases where an extension may be causing issue with a particular website, in which case the only option is to either disable or remove that troublesome extension altogether.

With this new upcoming feature, it will be possible to restrict access to specific websites or even disable extensions for all websites.

The software titan is currently A/B testing this new addition, meaning it will likely not become available for everyone in the Canary Channel of the Edge browser.

Pausing extensions reloads the website automatically if it is open. After extensions have been paused, a banner stating “We’ve paused extensions on this site to keep your data sharing minimal” appears on the website.

That said, the current implementation completely pauses all extensions. Options to pause extensions on an individual basis are forthcoming.