Microsoft hails the return of startup sound in Windows 11

There are certain features that define a platform. For Windows, it is the likes of the desktop, the Start Menu, the Taskbar, the startup sound, and other such unique features.

At least, one of these, however, has been missing in the modern iteration of the OS.

Long time Windows users will be aware that starting up their computer has not always been such a quiet affair in the Microsoft world. Older versions of the operating system came with their own joyful little sound bites that played every time the operating system booted.

This continued until Windows 7.

Modern versions of Windows no longer came with a startup sound, in a change that was rather well received by the community. Interestingly, Microsoft never talked about the reasons for dropping this classic OS feature.

But now, it seems to be singing praises of this new addition.

The first tease for the anticipated June 24 event that the software titan posted on Twitter likely hints at the return of the startup sound in Windows 11.

As a matter of pure fact, the leaked early copy of the OS that came out of nowhere did come with a startup sound, a unique and chirpy little tune that announced that the operating system has been booted into, and ushered in the familiar old desktop.

Of course, the startup sound was never gone — it was just disabled by default.

But with Windows 11 bringing back a bunch of neat little features, including support for widgets, a fan favorite addition like this makes sense.