Microsoft is now the most valuable company in the world

Microsoft Sign

Not bad. Microsoft is on a run, a run that has propelled the company to the leading position in the global chart of the most valuable firms. The Redmond based tech giant is now the most valuable company on the planet.

Taking over the position from Cupertino based rival Apple, which dropped to second place.

Microsoft was buoyed by another strong showing in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022, with the most recent earnings report revealing how Microsoft cloud services continue to bring home the bacon — particularly during these difficult times for the world.

At the same time, Windows is also performing remarkably, with PCs once again playing an important role for people in their lives as they are forced to work from home.

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained:

“We are providing people and organizations everywhere with the most differentiated devices for productivity, learning, and gaming – and also have a massive opportunity to create a new class of applications that take advantage of the edge and AI capabilities in Windows, coupled with cloud. And Windows 11 is also the most open platform. It’s pioneering new store commerce models and policies. Both Amazon and Epic Games are bringing their marketplaces to the Microsoft Store.”

The result being that Microsoft now boasts a market cap of $2.49 trillion.

This is enough for the company to pip Apple to second place that now has a market capitalization somewhere to the tune of $2.44 trillion.

Not too shabby for a company that came through after a stagnant decade, which also saw its position erode in the mobile space. Android and iOS become the two dominant platforms for computing on the go, but Microsoft seems to be moving in the right direction when it comes to personal computers.

Combine gaming and hardware with cloud services and productivity, and you have a potent mix that is winning both market and mind share.

More of this please!