Microsoft is seeking employees for Windows 11


Good help is always appreciated! We recently learned that Microsoft is ready to unleash Windows 11 upon the world, what with the company itself teasing such a possibility and a leaked copy of the OS make its way out the Redmond walls.

And while an event later this week is project to provide us with all the official details, some juicy little bits have come to us via a job ad that the software giant has put up.

The job listing posted the on the Microsoft Career website states that the company is already looking for employees to make the whole thing a success.

Redmond is looking for engineers that would join the Windows shell team specifically to work on overhauling certain parts of the operating system such as the Start Menu and the Taskbar — this certainly is a vast undertaking.

Microsoft makes mention of the next generation of Windows several times, clearly making a big deal of the upcoming announcement, which we now know is for Windows 11.

This is how the company pitches its job opening:

“We are building the future of human-computer interaction within Windows. If you want to help build the most used software experiences in the OS and refine them so that the next generation of Windows devices unlock the creative and productive potential of customers, come talk to us!

The Windows team builds the core interaction experiences in Windows – these range from iconic UI like Start & Taskbar to the touch, voice, and pen+ink interaction models, as well as features like snap and windowsing. We’re looking for a data-driven & customer-obsessed Senior PM with a history of delivering great end-to-end experiences, and a passion for innovation in human-computer interaction. Join our team and help define and deliver the next generation of Windows and the future of how humans experience computing.”

With Panos Panay now leading the Windows division, it makes sense that Microsoft will go in with a fresh focus for what remains its flagship product.

What exactly this new generation of Windows will bring about, we will know in a few days from now.