Microsoft now the 4th most valuable brand in the world

Microsoft Campus

In good company still, even after a little slip up. Microsoft has been ranked as the fourth most valuable brand in the world according to a new survey by an agency based in London.

Apple has taken the top spot.

Kantar released the latest report of its top 100 most valuable global brands based on their recent financial performance and consumer research from more than 4 million users in 51 markets. In other words, this is about as solid as it gets.

And speaking of solid, the fruity company got top spot this year with a valuation of $947 billion. What this means is that Apple is on its way to becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar brand. Would be quite an achievement for this premium hardware and software company.

In contrast, Amazon fell from the number one spot to third this year, with annual growth in brand value somewhere to the tune of 3%. Google gleefully took the second position from third, thanks to an impressive increase of 80% of its brand value.

Microsoft, meanwhile, fit snuggly in fourth place in this ranking for 2022.

Kantar BrandZ 2022 Infographic

Interesting, as the accompanying infographic above shows, LinkedIn was one of the best performing brands in this list. The business focused social media giant witnessed an impressive increase of 63% and was ranked seventh in the top 10 risers on this list.

According to this survey by Kantar, the total value of the 100 most valuable brands jumped 23% compared to previous year to end up as $8.7 trillion.

The following years may provide more movement in this table, albeit at the middle. Technology companies have a solid grip on the podium, and that is unlikely to change in the near future — not when six of the top ten have their digits in the space.