Microsoft plans to fix those ginormous menus in Edge

Edge Development

Always good to see a company taking user feedback into account. Not everything that the public demands get the green signal from the decision makers at Redmond, but a lot of stuff does.

For instance, those humongous menus in Edge that continue to get bigger by each new moon.

This, and more feedback, has been published in a monthly Top Feedback Summary for Edge post by the software titan over at its Tech Community forum. The list features the most popular feedback that the company received from users, and how it plans on addressing them.

Edge users will be pleased to know that Microsoft is aware of the most popular complaints and is taking steps to resolve them.

These includes those obnoxiously large context menus, download shelfs, and more.

For starters, many Edge users agree that the menus in the browser have grown too big — both the main menu and the context menus. On some devices, the context menus do not even fit on the screen due to these being too long or even too wide.

Microsoft has confirmed that it they are attempting to address these pain points.

These promised attempts will show up in the Canary channel in the near future before being rolled out to the stable version of the web browser.

Another thing that customers want from Microsoft is the good old download shelf that appears at the bottom of the screen when download a file. The company reveals that an alternative is being planned for this idea, and a future update will come with a new view for this feature.

And though no specific time frames have been mentioned about the below ideas, these are also being considered by Microsoft to be implemented:

  • Close tabs with a double click
  • A better way to close vertical tabs
  • The option to move vertical tabs to the right
  • Better tools for managing audio and video autoplay
  • Always open favorites in a new tab
  • Search in Collections
  • Respect default PDF viewer

Pretty good ideas, more or less, and all would be very welcome if implemented correctly.

There are other features that Microsoft Edge users want, but the company does not plan to materialize them just yet. You can gather their details at the link above.