Microsoft publishes new Windows 11 videos to help users

Old Woman Using Laptop

A bit late to the game, some would say. But better late than never, I always say! Microsoft seems to hold this belief too, as the company has just published a new video series of Windows 11 videos.

These videos are put together to help users learn basic stuff regarding the new OS.

The introductory video series goes by as “Meet Windows 11”, and it highlights the basic instructions for using the operating system as well as a selection of valuable tips that are sure to come in handy for users new to the platform.

You will learn elementary stuff regarding personalization, apps, tools, as well as the features and capabilities of the Windows 11 operating system.

The first video teaches new users how to use universal search, desktop groups, cloud clipboard, essential shortcuts and accessibility features in Windows 11.

Second on the agenda is personalizing your experience. You will learn about creating collections in Edge, how to use Windows Widgets, and change desktop backgrounds.

And finally, we have the third clip that highlights the new stock apps included in the OS, like Photos, Phone Link, as well as the good old Microsoft Store.

Many of these lessons can be considered helpful for newcomers. But more experienced users will not find anything special in these videos, considering this series is aimed at those starting out with the Windows 11 operating system and users looking for refreshers on making the most out of it.

Good thing is that every video has a dedicated support page for those of you who want to read about the features instead of watching these clips.

Here you have it for the first, second, and third video.

Job well done!