Microsoft revels in Xbox Cloud Gaming success

Xbox Cloud Gamer

Gaming is a tough nut to crack, game streaming more so. Despite the challenges, Microsoft is one of the many companies trying their hands at it with the X initiative.

The service has been available for a while now, with apparently more than 10 million folks giving it a try.

And it looks like the evolution of the service is the launch of a free-to-play tier to entice more people to give it a spin. Fortnite just became the first game to become available as part of these plans, with Redmond working on a whole array of titles.

Stands to reason that the company collected its thoughts on how the service has come along up until now and where it is going.

As the post shows, the service went from Android-only Xbox One S servers to now supporting a range of platforms and devices including Windows, iOS, and Xbox One. On the backend we have Xbox Series X server blades that power the whole things.

Microsoft claims that players in 26 countries now have played on more than 6,000 types of devices, streaming games from the cloud on Android handsets and iPhones to a variety of PCs and computer configurations.

The software titan also talked about how it worked with over 125 developers to make more than 350 games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog cloud enabled.

In fact, the team behind the service has evolved by making it possible for games to be Cloud Aware — a term for simple changes from the developers to streamline and enhance the whole game streaming experience. As a result, there are now more than 150 cloud-aware games that feature touch.

Many more details are available in this post, which you can check out at the link above.

All said and done, Microsoft is one of the few companies to really go all out when it comes to cloud game streaming. In reality, it was probably the only one that could pull off what it has since the journey began in 2020.