Microsoft shows how to repair a Surface Laptop Studio

Surface Laptop Studio Repair

One of the most expensive laptops in the market is, thankfully, not all that hard to repair. At least, this is what we gather from a new video that Microsoft has put up that shows how to disassemble the machine.

The Surface Laptop Studio made its way out late last year.

And it remains a peculiar piece of technology inside out, thanks to its complex form factor with a quirky hinge. All that said, though, getting into the guts of the device is not all that hard as the video below so aptly illustrates.

Give it a watch to see the unique design ideas that Microsoft implemented in its newest machine.

The above has been posted on the Surface YouTube channel, and is bound to come in handy not just for folks who repair devices for a living, but also fans to see what the shiny exterior holds inside. And it also does a good job showcasing the repairability features of the Surface Laptop Studio.

Perhaps the most important bit you will learn is that repairing the machine does not require removing the motherboard to replace the battery, screen, SSD, and the ports.

Connectors are also modular, which means that replacing a Surface Connect or audio jack will be a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure.

The way it should be!

All this should come as no surprise, as Microsoft, unlike some other companies, has put its weight behind the Right to Repair movement. This means that it avoids using excessive amounts of adhesive or purposefully overcomplicating the internal design.