Microsoft Store now better displays price tags and game editions

Microsoft Store Icon

Been a while since we’ve had a whole refresh of the Microsoft Store. But the apps repository got a little look with the launch of Windows 11 build 25163 that landed in the Dev channel yesterday.

This new build brought along a few tweaks and discoverability improvements to the Store, which is now on version 22206.1401.2.0.

The main highlights of this welcome new refresh include an updated price tag design, as well as new way to find different edition for a specific game. Two of the many additions that the public has been asking for a fair while now.

As Microsoft notes, this Microsoft Store update is now rolling out to users.

Microsoft Store Price Badge

And the first thing that they will see as they browse and search for apps, games, and movies on the repository are updated price designs. These make it easier to understand the prices for the various wares that are available there.

In essence, you will have all the information that you need when seeking what you seek.

Microsoft Store Edition Selector

Speaking of seeking, you now have new ways to find game editions. Microsoft has made it easier to find different editions of a title. You can easily differentiate between the standard and deluxe editions of games, so you can choose the variant you want to play.

Same with the new price options above, these are easily available to view no matter how you browse and search on the Microsoft Store.

Like with all preview software, Redmond wants to hear your feedback regarding these latest enhancements to the Microsoft Store. You can do that by sharing your thoughts simply by pressing the Win + F key combination after opening the apps repository.