Microsoft to talk Windows 11 this week

Microsoft Event

The big day approaches! Microsoft has never traditionally been too good with secrets. But Windows 11 was certainly something the company would have loved to keep under wraps for a while more.

This new version of Windows is something the company had clearly been working for quite some time.

And though Redmond never really announce anything concrete, it did drop hints here and there that something big was coming. First, in terms of the user interface with the Sun Valley affair, and then pulling the plug on Windows 10X development and shifting focusing on the mainline OS.

Microsoft then penciled in June 24 as the big day where it would make things official.

The idea was to hold a digital only event where the new operating system would be unveiled to the world, alongside details on what users should expect in terms of features.

Sounded like a perfectly good plan on paper.

Only thing is, the tech community got wind of these plans, and regular Microsoft watchers were quick to sniff that something big was cooking. Did not take long for rumors to start flying that a fresh new version of the OS was due in the form of Windows 11.

And then, out of nowhere, leaked screenshots from the new platform made their way out, which were followed by a whole solid build that folks were quick to install to put through its paces. Not all, but many of the new features that are to be part of the new OS were revealed this way.

This is all fine and dandy for the surprise value, but really puts a damper on the plans Microsoft had in place to give the world its first look at what promises to be a big, big release.

Nevertheless, the stage is set.

Microsoft will officially show off Windows 11 at an event this week, and detail what’s next for its operating system. We’ll, obviously, cover every little detail from this anticipated event, and share the official details here on the website as it happens.

Mark your calendars for June 24, ladies and gentlemen!