Microsoft will improve Windows 11 right after launch

Windows 11 Icons

That’s the way to do it, I always say. The latest and greatest version of Microsoft’s OS is here in the form of Windows 11, which is now rolling out to select eligible new devices a bit ahead of schedule.

Most machines will not get a sniff at it until early 2022, though.

The software titan still has to refine and fine tune the rollout by confirming hardware, software, and firmware compatibility. Expect a fair amount of artificial intelligence and machine learning to be involved as the company decides which PCs to beam the update first.

Then there is also the little case of the improvements that the Windows development team has lined up.

Work on Windows never stops, after all.

This is why the Redmond based company recently confirmed that additional bug fixes and improvements will be released for the new OS in the coming weeks. These could show up in cumulative updates.

Microsoft detailed these in the release notes of build 22468.

For example, the company is testing a new feature that will allow users to see some stats about the VPN connection they have running on their Windows 11 PC.

Windows 11 VPN Feature

Likewise, we are also about to get a new setting option to turn off the recent searches popup that appears when you hover over the search icon in the Taskbar on the new OS. This option will be offered under Taskbar behavior in Settings.

Additionally, the company is testing various bug fixes that will be released to users in the production channel later this year.

These include a new change that improves the reliability of flyouts when hovering over the Search icon. Similarly, we have a fix for an issue that prevents recent files from appearing when searching for apps like Word.

Microsoft has also made changes in the OS that reduce context menu crashes when right-clicking files in OneDrive locations.

Long story short, many of these improvements and fixes missed the cut for the RTM version of the operating system, and Redmond is working to ensure that they show up soon after you upgrade your PC to Windows 11.

Good on them!