New ARM Cortex processors deliver 22% improvement

ARM Cortex

ARM has announced two new Armv9 CPUs, with the company labeling them Cortex-X3 and Cortex-A715. These CPU designers will be adopted by a number of hardware makers to power their latest creations.

You know, the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Exynos 2300 and so on.

The British company is owned by SoftBank unveiled its new wares at its Client Tech Day 2022 event, with the third-generation Cortex-X3 processor set to take its position as the new next-generation flagship core from the chip designer.

ARM Cortex Performance

In terms of performance, the Cortex-X3 is said to deliver an 11% uplift, which according to ARM marks the third consecutive year of double-digit IPC gain on its series of chips. In real application terms, coupled with all other changes on the system level, the new core is good for 22% higher performance.

ARM also states that we should expect a 34% peak performance increase compared to the latest mainstream laptop running an Intel Core i7-1260P at 28 watts.

These are the new Alder Lake CPUs designed by Intel for use in ultra-light laptops.

So far, looks like a good showing, at least on paper, compared to both its predecessor the Cortex-X2 and the corresponding Intel contender.

ARM Cortex Gaming

While these are impressive performance gains, the fact that the Cortex-X3 will be found in smartphones and tablets, power efficiency also becomes essential. ARM did not share any figures for some odd reason, but we do know that this latest design consumes less power than its predecessor.

The second CPU design is the Cortex-A715, which is the first 64-bit only middle-core from ARM. It delivers a modest 5% performance boost over the Cortex-A710 when consuming the same power, though ARM is also claiming a 20% performance efficiency that will be beneficial for battery life.

We also have a refreshed Cortex-A510 core, which has no naming difference between it and last year’s Cortex-A510. This hints that there will be fewer differences between the two designs.

ARM Cortex Processors

These new CPU designs will only spring into action next year, in case you were wondering.

But any progress is good progress, I always say!