New Outlook app for Windows 11 coming along nicely

One Outlook

As we previously learned, Microsoft has a plan to consolidate its Outlook lineup. The company has already confirmed that the OneNote experience is being unified on Windows.

And the same is going to happen to the Outlook clients.

Redmond has been working on this under Project Monarch, which is reportedly part of the One Outlook vision for the software titan. It will eventually replace the current Mail & Calendar apps that ship on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Earlier this year, Microsoft teased a new look for Outlook with a screenshot in the release notes of the Office suite. It appeared to show an upcoming version of the upgraded web version of the Outlook app that the company will be bundling with Windows 11 version 22H2 — fall update next year.

New Outlook App

Anyway, apparently, things have been progressing along nice and fine.

We might get the new Outlook client sooner than expected, with the first preview set to be released later this year. Most likely ahead of the launch of the Windows 11 operating system itself.

In fact, the One Outlook client that leaked online earlier this year has been updated, and is now simply called Outlook and carries a Beta label. This suggests that the public preview is around the corner, and may land in the coming weeks.

One Outlook

In addition to that, Outlook is also getting a new loading animation that is similar to what we have seen on the web version of the email platform.

This GIF below shows it in all its animated glory:

Outlook Animation

The new Outlook client will work across Windows, macOS, and the web. Eventually, it will replace all existing Outlook apps on the desktop. In other words, the Win32 desktop client, UWP Mail & Calendar apps, and Outlook for Mac will be replaced with this One Outlook.

Now, that’s an outlook I can get behind!