New Photos app rolling out to select Insiders

Windows 11 Photos App

Our Man in Redmond, Panos Panay, teased an early look at the revamped Photos app that is set to arrive in the box with Windows 11, and now the application has started to make its way out the Redmond walls.

It has even been spotted by folks over at Reddit, who are sharing their experiences.

As you can see the new Photos application features a refreshed user interface and rounded corners — pretty much the norm for almost all apps and applets in Windows 11.

The floating toolbar at the top provides all the same controls for editing images, creating slideshows and collages, and all that jazz. Only that these controls are now more in line with the design language of the new operating system.

Windows 11 Photos App

A few improvements have also been reserved for the information pane that will enable users to quickly be able to access the date, location, size information and all those fancy details on the right side of the screen.

Also added at the bottom of the image viewer is a carousel that allows users to see other photos in the same folder by moving their mouse near the bottom of the window.

And finally, there is also the ability to select multiple images and display them on the same screen.

A few elements are retained from the existing Photos app for Windows 10, though. So, in that sense, this new app is an evolution not a revolution. But as long as the performance is up there, the usage will be too.

Speaking of usage, the new Photos app appears to be rolling out gradually to Insiders, so it may be a while before it becomes generally available for all Windows Insiders.

If you are adventurous, though, and want to get your digits on it beforehand, then a German site has posted a download link that works for either the Dev or Beta channels. Give it a whirl if you want by pointing your browser to the following link.

Download: Photos