Next feature update for Windows 11 due in November?


Who doesn’t like a little confusion? If you’re in the mood for some, then there is some contradictory information swirling around the web related to Windows 11.

Enough to confuse the Windows user base regarding the next feature update for the operating system.

While Microsoft continues the rollout of the original version of the OS, it is also working on the next feature update for the platform that is expected to make its way out later this year. As is norm, the company has not said a single thing about the actual release date of this major update.

This has fueled a fair bit of speculation.

And this latest development has added fuel to the fire, with a volunteer moderator recently claiming on the Microsoft Community forums that the launch of the next feature update is due in November.

The words:

“At present 22H2 version is released to windows insider users for testing purposes. After removing bugs and giving fixes after that 22H2 will be released to public in the month of November 2022.”

Goes without saying that there is absolutely no guarantee right now that this information is accurate, though the volunteer moderator tag does add a bit more weight to the rumor. Still, it is unlikely that the person in question has access to such vital information regarding the development of the OS.

It may well be that the November estimate is based on the assumption that Redmond typically releases feature updates for its operating systems in the fall.

This timing has now been changed slightly for Windows 11, with many sources claiming that Microsoft will launch the next feature update for the operating system in the summer.

What we do know for sure is that Windows 11 22H2 is a reality, and it is due this year.