Ninjacat emojis no more in Windows 11


Upsetting! We start the week with some distressing news. And this one relates to the controversy surrounding the new emojis that are soon to become part of Windows 11.

More specifically, how these emoticons and smileys have been squished from a 3D space to 2D.

The loss of an entire dimension is something that the Windows community has not taken lightly, with users criticizing the company for showing one thing and delivering another. In fact, the Microsoft heavily showcased what it called the new Fluent design emojis for its software and services.

False advertising be the term for this.

As if we needed another reason to rage, this new loss is equally acute.

Apparently, Redmond has removed the special Ninjacat emojis that were part of the emoji panel in the previous version. First noticed over at Reddit, the new flat Windows 11 emojis have this unfortunate omission, and Ninjacat will not be joining Clippy in this new pack of emojis.

Ninjacat Emojis

Some of you might be unaware that Windows 10 came with these Ninjacat designs.

Others may not even know what this creature is.

Ninjacat quickly rose through the ranks to become a mascot for the Windows Insider Program a few years ago, showing up in blog posts and memes across the web. There was even a stature commemorating it at the Redmond campus.

Strange to see it no longer has a place in the new emoji panel in Windows 10, but at this point in time, we can only hope that this is an error on the part of the design team, and these fun little characters will join the new emoji panel at a later time.

Oh, the horror if it doesn’t!