Nope, not even Bill Gates is using the Surface Duo 2

Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is always at the frontlines of new technological developments. But even he is not sold on the idea of a Surface Duo 2 as a daily driver. At least, not yet.

He does mention that he is using a foldable device, though.

That being the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, which is one of the finest such handsets available.

Gates admitted to indeed using Android, and not an iPhone, which makes him a step closer to the Duo line that is also powered by the universally popular open-source mobile OS. Microsoft settled on it after it bid goodbye to the Windows Phone platform a few years back.

However, the device of his choice is not the second-generation Surface Duo, but the third-generation of the Fold lineup from the Korean maker that also comes with a foldable form factor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

This he revealed in an AMA session on Reddit:

“I have an Android Galaxy ZFold3. I try different ones. With this screen I can get by with a great portable PC and the phone and nothing else.”

Best of both worlds, eh Bill?

The fact that he says that he tries different ones is perhaps a hint that he is well aware of what the Surface Duo can do. Only that he is now experimenting with similar devices from other companies that are deep in this game.

Gates has always been open, and rather enthusiastic, about which device he has for personal use. Back when it became clear that Windows Phone was nearing a dead end, he openly admitted that he was using an Android phone with a lot of Microsoft software.

He is also on record saying that he has not much love or iPhone.

But now, with the Redmond company sort of trying to reenter the phone space with the premium Surface Duo lineup, the ex-Microsoft CEO does not seem convinced enough to try the Duo 2 as his daily driver.

Nevertheless, the software titan keeps on pulling its weight behind the latest member of the Duo family, having recently launched a firmware update for the device.

Perhaps a few more updates like these might finally convince good old Bill Gates!