Over 50% of business PCs not able to run Windows 11

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The surveys are coming hard and fast! And this one is huge! If you want a glimpse at the potential enterprise landscape for Windows 11, this study conducted by Lansweeper is the one for you.

Published as a report titled Windows 11 Readiness Audit, this survey has reportedly been conducted across an estimated 30 million devices from 60,000 organizations.

And the numbers reveal that the majority of the PCs can not be upgraded to Windows 11 as they are found lacking in the system requirements criteria — that is to say the strict hardware requirements Microsoft has in place in the name of security.

Security is, of course, paramount for business users, but not at the cost of disruption, whether due to procurement of new hardware, installing extra software, or training the workforce.

This is why these figures are so important.

Lansweeper Windows 11 Enterprise Survey

And they show that while most of the computers fulfill the lenient 4GB RAM requirement, the majority of them do not have a processor that Microsoft officially supports. As a result, 55.6% are out of luck when it comes to the CPU, and some 19.2% also failed the TPM 2.0 check.

That’s close to a fifth that lack the necessary security hardware, to go with more than half that are outside the supported processors zone.

Lansweeper Windows 11 Enterprise Survey

In fact, when it comes to the TPM 2.0 requirements, the survey goes deep separately. And the data shows that roughly 20% of physical workstations and 5% of physical servers fail in this department.

Virtual machine workstations had far worse results, with only 0.23% having what it takes to meet the Windows 11 TPM requirements.

This is not the only Windows 11 survey that has been conducted recently. It may be the biggest one yet. But a much smaller survey that quizzed over a thousand adult PC users in the United States showed that the majority did not know or care about the new operating system.

Microsoft has its work cut out in trying to convince these users about its shiny new OS, that’s for sure!