Panos Panay publishes Paint preview


How’s that for a headline? While Microsoft is customarily mum on many of the changes that are due for arrival in Windows 11, our man in Redmond has been doing the heavily lifting lately.

Why, Panos Panay, of course!

The Chief Product Officer at the company has followed up his Snipping Tool and Spotify integration teases with one for the Paint app, which we already know is in development. As a matter of pure fact, the software titan is about to unleash a whole flood of app updates in the very near future.

Speaking of the very near future, this new Paint app looks set to be shipping to Insider soon, possibly as soon as this week.

This is how Panay introduced it as:

Just like the rest of the core apps, Paint is dressed in modern clothes for Windows 11.

A completely streamlined UI is the highlight here with modern icons and rounded corners, as is a dark mode that aligns the popular application with the rest of the operating system when this visual style is enabled. And truth be told, the app looks rather excellent in black.

Must be said, theming options seem to be a focus, especially on inbox applications that are included with Windows 11.

And really, it’s about darn time!

There also seem to be an easier way to choose the font style and brush types, and the process is particularly suited for users with a stylus. We live in modern times, of course, and enhanced touch support is a must for a program like Paint.

Just like other Windows inbox apps, this updated Paint might also be served via the Microsoft Store, meaning these applications will not be tied to Windows 11 builds.