PowerToys 0.59 here to improve many utilities

If you have been wondering that it has been a while since Microsoft updated PowerToys, well here it is. PowerToys 0.59 is a significant release of the tools collection, and arrives well over a month after the last update.

And while there are many new additions worthy of mention in this new version, the main highlight is the completion of native ARM64 support. This is a process that began recently, but now Redmond is confident enough that it is ready for action.

Many of the included utilities now offer support for this alternative operating platform.

Speaking of other things that are ready for action, we have several important changes and improvements to the many individual components of the toolkit — including the handy Keyboard Manager, the versatile PowerRename, and the admired FancyZones.

PowerRename, for instance, is now running in WinUI 3 instead of the previous iteration.

Up to four modifier keys can now be used in shortcuts on Keyboard Manager. This change enables to use the Office key, for example, which sends Win + Ctrl + Shift + Alt. The developers also fixed a bug locking this tool when two shortcut mapping were pressed at the same time.

PowerToys Run got a long range of improvements, same goes for the Settings panel. Microsoft also improved the runner and installer adding several smart and intelligence features.

Version 0.59 comes with a single known issue, the details of which are provided.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with PowerToys, it is a set of advanced utilities from Microsoft that contains a number of tools to amp up the Windows experience. You have an app launcher, a bulk file renaming utility, a tool to customize shortcuts, and whatnot.

You can easily download PowerToys 0.59 from the Microsoft Store using this link.

The utility also resides on its official repository here. Those of you who already have PowerToys installed on their computer, the app will notify you about available updates, while a manual update option is also available.