Reddit users are making a list of features missing in Windows 11

It is with a heavy heart does one say that while Windows 11 brings along many new features, the upcoming operating system also drops a few really good ones.

And this is exactly what a few Reddit users have gotten together to do.

This thread over at the social networking site is compiling all the capabilities that are missing from Windows 11. To start with, the original poster has talked about the big features that are unavailable so far in the preview builds of the operating system.

We have things like the ability to drag and drop onto the Taskbar, the option to move the Taskbar to any part of the screen, combining only when the Taskbar is full. In other words, the trusty old Taskbar is squarely in the crosshair, thanks to the fact that Microsoft is remaking it from the ground up.

Oh, and of course, there are those ridiculous new hardware requirements that the company has in place, and which it is sticking to, at least till today.

And then we have little niggles, like the ability to remove the Recommended section in the Start Menu.

Commentators in the thread have also chipped in with their own suggestions, and mentions include a better way to set default apps, supporting offline accounts in Windows 11 Home, and adding the option to uncombine folders and applications in the Taskbar.

Of course, this is simply a list of options that these users believe are not available in the upcoming OS, and not a confirmation that these capabilities will not exist in the final version. Some of these features may make the cut in the final RTM version, others are sure to added later.

But, so far, the list is big — and getting bigger.

The thread already has 225 comments, so there is plenty to scan here.