Rounded corners in Windows 11 to be refined

Rounded Corners

One of the first things we learned about Windows 11 was that the upcoming OS was supposed to bring rounded corners to the world of Windows. Fit for a new generation of the operating platform.

And indeed, this UI element was one of the first things we got to see after Windows 11 was unveiled.

While the rounded corners are already available for testing in the preview builds of the OS, they are in need of some additional refinements. Some applications do not render them correctly, and other times artifacts are displayed.

Microsoft is aware of the fact that this UI feature requires some extra polish before it is ready for prime time, and the company has confirmed as such.

Rounded Corners Refined

The company actually released some improvements for the rounded corners in the latest build, and chances are that it will continue to focus on this area in future updates.

As reported, the company has confirmed that it is working to fix the rounded corners in Windows 11:

“Thank you for submitting your feedback! We fixed an issue where white artifacts were appearing on the corners of windows in Build 22000.120, which is now available in the Dev Channel.”

This post on the Feedback Hub reveals that the issue of whit artifacts appearing on the corners of windows has been resolved in the latest build. Desktop applications like the Steam chat windows are now better antialiased as a result.

The issue primarily concerned rounded corners taking a jagged appearance, particularly on desktop programs that were not designed with this user interface in mind.

Anyway, this is something the company surely will keep an eye on and optimize further.