Samsung brings Bixby to Windows 11

Samsung Bixby

You may not have noticed, but the battle for the digital voice assistant supremacy still rages on. Samsung has made the newest tactical move here, bringing Bixby to Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS.

The Korean giant recently announced that its virtual assistant will come preloaded with the updated Galaxy Book, where users will be able to search for files or launch apps by simply using their voice commands.

Users, Samsung hopes, will discover the magic of Bixby and give up on other assistants they may have on their machines. Cortana being one of them, even though it has fallen out of favor in Redmond.

This is what the company said in the announcement:

“For even more mobility with your device, Samsung has introduced Bixby on Windows for Galaxy Book users to provide an intuitive way for you to interact with your PC. Through simple voice commands, you can search for files, open apps and Settings and even control devices within your SmartThings-registered device ecosystem. Simply say “Hi Bixby” or press CTRL, Shift and B or FN and B simultaneously to activate the Bixby on Windows feature, and enjoy easy installation by visiting the Microsoft store or searching for Bixby in your Windows taskbar.”

Standard stuff, if you’re into using digital assistants to carry out your daily tasks.

Samsung Galaxy Book Windows 11

Getting back to the Galaxy Book, these flagship creations from Samsung are ready and raring for Windows 11, the newest version of the operating system that has just launched.

While the Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G comes preloaded with the new OS out the box, most other Galaxy Book models should receive the update in the coming weeks. All the latest technology that the Korean company has available on the desktop front can be used in the new operating system.